The Department of Economics and Business Studies offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes:

4 THREE-YEAR UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES (link to the undergraduate programmes content)

  • Bachelor's in Business Administration
  • Bachelor's in Economics
  • Bachelor's in Maritime, Logistics and Transport Economics and Business
  • Bachelor's in Management Tourism Sciences: Territory, Culture and Business – available in Imperia

4 GRADUATE PROGRAMMES (link to the graduate programmes content)

  • Master’s in Accounting and Finance
  • Master’s in Economics and Financial Institutions
  • Master’s in Maritime and Port Mangement
  • Master’s in Management

1 POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMME: PhD in ECONOMICS (link to the postgraduate programmes content)

Most of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are taught in Italian. However, it is possible to sit the exam in English for many of the courses with the prior consent of the professor or lecturer.
Some courses are taught entirely in English. Please refer to the information included in this webpage.

Admission requirements:

Foreign students should meet certain admission requirements to enrol on the undergraduate and graduate programmes.
1) Admissions procedure for the undergraduate programmes
To enrol on the undergraduate programmes students must meet all the requirements as indicated by the University of Genoa at this webpage.
2) Admissions procedure for the graduate programmes>
To enrol on the graduate programmes, students must meet all the requirements as indicated by the University of Genoa at this webpage.

Moreover, students who have obtained less than 99/110 in their undergraduate degree (or equivalent, in the case of a different grading scheme) must pass an additional test to verify that they have sufficient aptitude and competence to enrol in a graduate programme.

For further information on the programmes offered please refer to this webpage.


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